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Crusher Waste

Overspill material from the crusher system. Mostly fine sand-like material with larger rocks mixed in. 

AC Reject

Unused material from the asphalt plant. This material contains some asphalt oil mixed in it. 

2 1/2" Select Borrow

This material is a mixture of 2 1/2" rock and some finer material. It is compactible and primarily used as a fill material. 

6" Minus

This material is a mixture of 6" rock and finer material. It is primarily used as a fill material. 

#57 Rock

This is clean 3/4" rock with no other added material. This material is commonly used for landscaping. May also be used in decorative gardens. 


#8 Chip

This is a clean 7/16" x 3/16" rock with no other added material. Primarily used for landscaping gardens and playgrounds. 

#4Sand - Copy.jpg
#4 Sand

Fine material primarily used as a cushioning layer for water catchment tanks, pipe cushioning and may also be used for above ground pool cushion. Please check with local building codes for updates on suitable pipe cushion as building codes are often updated.  

S4C. - Copy.jpg

This material is a mixture of 1/2" rock and finer material. 

6.Inch.Primary - Copy.jpg
6" Primary

This is clean 6" rock with no other added material. It is primarily used for rock walls. May also be used as a filler.                      SOLD OUT

Quarry Run A'a

This is raw material that has not been processed through our crusher system. It may contain a mixture of other organic material. Rocks may vary in size. Primarily used as a filler to fill large holes or used to raise ground level.

Cold Mix.jpg
Cold Mix

This material is used to temporarily patch potholes in asphalt pavement. 

Recycled Asphalt.jpg
Recycled Asphalt

This material comes from cold planing and/or excavating asphalt pavement. 

We offer quality aggregate at competitive prices and may be able to assist with same day delivery requests.


We have specialized trained staff standing by to assist you with any questions you may have. Please contact our office at 808-933-8480 for further assistance. 

*Discounted prices available for contractors currently licensed in the State of Hawaii. Please call for more information.

**Please check with your contractor on the product they require for the specified job. Different jobs require different materials and strengths.


**Please note that local building codes change often. We suggest you check with local building codes regarding suitable pipe cushioning material prior to purchasing. 

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